Fishing the High Castle – Wonderbury Podcast #3

This week, we talk about Fish, High Castles, the size of things and maths.


Math mentioned in the episode.

Relative mass

Sun: 1.99×10^30 kg

Mercury: 3.30×10^23 kg

Venus: 4.87×10^24 kg

Earth: 5.97×10^24 kg

Mars: 6.42×10^23 kg

Asteroid Belt: 3.20×10^21 kg (maximum estimation)

Jupiter: 1.90×10^27 kg

Saturn: 5.68×10^26 kg

Uranus: 8.68×10^25 kg

Neptune: 1.02×10^26 kg

Pluto: 1.30×10^22 kg (included for completeness)

The combined mass of everything except the Sun comes to approximately 0.13% of the total. So the Sun does account for 99.86% of the overall mass.

The planets and asteroid belt together come to 2.67×10^27 kg. Jupiter makes up approximately 71% of that.

To Boldly Go – Wonderbury Podcast #1

The first episode of the Wonderbury podcast is finally done. Roughly a year in the making and you can now listen to us talk about ourselves a bit. In this episode we jump right in and talk about the holidays, our recent tech experiences and finally loop around to introduce ourselves.


This is the introduction episode.  It’s mostly for doing the setup of the feeds but if you find it anyways, have a listen and maybe ask us some questions.